Have you lost your connection to yourself? 

Are you detached from your feelings or do you numb, avoid or run away from your feelings?

Are you disconnected from your intuition?

Does this disconnection make it difficult to form healthy relationships with others?

Our relationship with ourselves is the foundation of all our other relationships. It's impossible to connect with another, to be intimate with another or love another if we are completely disconnected from ourselves and our true feelings. 

It's also impossible to trust another person or to trust the world if we can't trust ourselves and our intuition.

This 7-day course is designed to help you to become intimate with your feelings and to connect to your heart and to your intuition on a deep level, so that you can build the healthy and solid foundations required to live your best life and to fall in love and/or stay in love. 


In this one-week course, I share practices that I have learned and developed over a 17-year transformational journey - a journey that has brought me home to myself and enabled me to overcome self-harming behaviours, including binge eating and binge drinking, and to change dysfunctional relationship patterns into healthy ones in order to fall in love and stay in love. I got married in June 2019.

The course involves daily insightful video content and deep-diving reflective and written exercises. It is designed to support you to draw closer to your true self and to strengthen your connection to the wise woman or man inside.


This course can be taken as a standalone or as Step One of a five-step course called How to Fall in Love - Laying the Foundations. The full course is designed to help you to restore your relationship with yourself, understand your fears and change your relationships patterns, let go of any blocks to love and lay the solid foundations required to form a healthy and loving relationship with another.

If you would like to continue with Steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 after taking this first step, I will subtract the cost of this course from the full course. 

You can either take the full Laying the Foundations course as part of a small group (women only) over eight weeks or you can take it at your own pace (over 5 weeks or longer, as you choose). 

Click here for details of both options.

Or keep reading to explore this 7-day course.

Please contact me on [email protected] for information or with any questions.


Practical tips & exercises to bring you home to yourself

    1. Day One - Welcome & How the Course Works

    2. Let's Step Inside

    3. Video: Look inside your heart

    4. Exercise: How is your heart?

    1. Day Two - Exercise: Starting as we mean to go on

    2. Video: How we disconnect from ourselves

    3. Exercise: How you might have disconnected from yourself

    4. Video: Why we disconnect

    5. Exercise: Why you disconnected from your feelings

    1. Day Three - Our Feelings as Signposts

    2. Video: No longer afraid to feel

    3. Video: Ways to reconnect

    4. Exercise: Ways to reconnect

    1. Day Four - Staying Connected

    2. Video: Creating healthy daily habits

    3. Video: Guided meditation

    4. Video: Meditating outdoors

    5. Exercise: Being Mindful

    6. Mindfulness Resources

    1. Day Five - Feeling Held

    2. Video: Surrendering

    3. Video: Something Greater

    4. Book Extract: Filling the void

    5. Finding Peace

About this course

  • £39.00
  • 36 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content


  • A stronger, deeper and more loving relationship with yourself, which is the foundation of healthy relationships with others

  • A reliable method for connecting with your true feelings on a daily basis

  • Tools to help you to manage discomfort and pain in healthy ways, instead of resorting to excess food, drink and other harmful substances and behaviours

  • A stronger connection to your intuition and an awareness of why you ignored your intuition in the past

  • The ability to discern who or what is good for you and to make healthy decisions in all areas of your life


  • Daily Insightful Videos & Tools

    At least one daily video in which I gently guide you through the exercise of the day, sharing my experience along with helpful practices and tools

  • Daily Reflection & Writing

    Daily reflective and written exercises to help you to go deeper into yourself and connect with your inner wisdom

  • An Opportunity to Go Deeper

    If you enjoyed this course and benefited from it, you will be invited to deepen your connection with yourself by continuing with the following four steps of How to Fall in Love - Laying the Foundations


Katherine's course is exceptional


"Katherine's How to Fall in Love course is exceptional. It helps you in so many ways, besides intimacy and falling in love. Katherine brings back hope into your life and gives you just the right balance of gentle encouragement, personal insight and expert coaching. What’s more you feel that Katherine genuinely cares. Working with Katherine has felt like having a soft blanket wrapped around me."

I feel more self-aware, self-assured and more positive about dating


“I’ve really enjoyed completing both courses (Laying the Foundations and Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence). I feel more self-aware, self assured and am beginning to get in touch with my intuition and trust my instinct more. Katherine has an amazing ability to take you through step-by-step, at a pace that is comfortable for you. I have learnt the importance of maintaining self-care and boundaries whilst dating to maintain self-esteem. Since completing the course, I have joined several dating websites and have started dating. I am now more open to dating different guys. My mindset has changed and I now see dating as a learning process. I definitely feel more light-hearted and positive about dating. Thank you, Katherine, for your care, knowledge, kindness and understanding.”

Katherine will soften, challenge and inspire you


"Katherine taught us how to listen to ourselves. I would recommend Katherine's course, book and Facebook group as a place to join with others on a journey of discovery, connection and courage. It will soften, challenge and inspire you."

I'll be eternally grateful that I trusted Katherine


"I'll be eternally grateful that I took the plunge and trusted Katherine with my innermost thoughts and feelings."

Incredibly helpful and so worth the investment


"Katherine's coaching has been incredibly helpful and so worth the investment. With Katherine's guidance, I finally dared to fully embrace and love myself and to believe that I am worthy of being loved. Katherine continues to guide me, helping me to see that it is safe to be vulnerable and authentic in my relationship - that it is safe to be me."

One of the best investments in myself that I have ever made


"I chose to work with Katherine as my coach for a number of reasons - in particular the combination of her professional credibility and experience with her personal integrity and honesty. It's difficult to express how great a help and support she was to me during this challenging period. I think my coaching with Katherine is one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made and I highly recommend her services"

Wisdom, gentleness, honesty, authenticity and humour.


"Katherine's approach is a delightful mix of wisdom, gentleness, honesty, authenticity and humour.”

We've got to the bottom of stuff that I've never been able to understand before


"My experience of working with Katherine has been really profound. She is very very good at what she does. We've got to the bottom of stuff that I've never been able to understand before."

I'm in an entirely different place to a month ago


"I have found the course to be incredibly powerful in changing my mindset and attitude. I feel like I am in an entirely different place to where I was a month ago, mentally, emotionally and physically."

A really wonderful, positive experience


"Katherine's course has been a really wonderful, positive experience. I feel more positive and confident about who I am and about what I want from somebody - and what I don't want from somebody."


Transformational Coach, Midlife Mentor, Author, Speaker

Katherine is an intuitive love, dating and relationships coach, a midlife mentor and the author of How to Fall in Love - A 10-Step Journey to the Heart.  

Drawing on her own experience of healing from dysfunctional relationship patterns, reconnecting with her authentic self and falling in love in her forties, Katherine helps women and men to transform their relationships with themselves, understand and change their dating patterns, create lives they love and find love.
Katherine coaches one-to-one and hosts courses, workshops and transformational retreats, in the UK and abroad. She also writes for the national media on love, dating, relationships and personal development, including a regular blog for Psychologies magazine.
Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies magazine, described Katherine's book as "a wonderful handbook on relationships, which requires you to be brave, dig deep and face your fears about falling in love."
Katherine is a former international and political correspondent for the global news agencies Reuters and Bloomberg. As well as a compassionate and intuitive coach, she is an excellent communicator and a skilled trainer.

Katherine married her partner, Bill, in June 2019. It was a happy day, as the photograph below shows.


  • When does the course start?

    The course begins as soon as you enroll. You will have access to Day One's materials on your enrollment day. The course content will then be drip-fed to you every day for the rest of the week.

  • When will I receive the course content?

    You will have access to all of Day One's content as soon as you enroll. After that, the course will be drip-fed to you every day. Please note that Day Two's content will be drip-fed to you exactly 24 hours after you sign up, so if you'd like to receive content at 7 am every morning, please enroll on the course at 7 am. If you sign up for the course at 12 pm, your next day's content will be available at 12 pm, and the same for the remaining days of the course. You can always drop back a day so that you can access each day's content when you please.

  • How will I receive the course content?

    Once you have signed up, you will be taken to a dashboard within this Thinkific course platform. That's where you can find all the course content. I suggest you stay logged in to the course platform on your laptop, tablet or smartphone so it's quick to access the content every day. If you log out, you simply log back in every day and begin where you left off.

  • How much time does the course take?

    The more time you put in, the more you will get out of the course, but I understand you have a busy life. Ideally, you'll be able to dedicate 15-30 minutes every day to the course. Some days have more written exercises, while other days are more reflective.

  • Do I need to finish the course in 7 days?

    No, you can take as long as you like to finish the course. However, you can't take the course in less than seven days as it's designed to be taken in bite-sized chunks to allow for processing time in between the exercises.

  • Why are there 35 lessons?

    Each day includes a cluster of content, one or two videos and one or two reflective exercises. The course platform also counts every piece of content as a lesson, even 'Welcome to Day Three', so the number of lessons grows. The course is very manageable in one week.

  • What if I want to take the full 5-step course?

    If you'd prefer to take the full, 5-week How to Fall in Love - Laying the Foundations course, you are welcome to do so. You can take the self-paced version of the course, or the small group version of the course. If you'd like to join the next cohort, email [email protected] for availability. If you'd like to purchase the remaining four steps after taking this first step, you can do so at a discount, subtracting the cost of this course.


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