Next 12-Week Group Course Starts March 29, 2021

Are you done with feeling disappointed and down about your love life? Are you tired of your dates leading to dead-ends? Are you over falling for people who aren't right for you?

If so, I know how you feel. I've been there.

I had long periods of singleness, plenty of disastrous or dismal dates and numerous dysfunctional relationships that ended in pain and heartache. 

I wasted lots of money and years of my life on dating websites but failed to meet anyone suitable. And I fell for the wrong guys - commitment-phobes and emotionally unavailable types - over and over again. 


But not anymore. 

I learned to date differently, with courage, clarity and confidence. 

As I did so, I fell in love with a wonderful man whom I married in June 2019.

I'm now helping other women change their patterns of behaviour and date differently so that they can form healthy and loving relationships, and I would love to help you to do the same with this transformational eight-week course.

Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence is designed to support you to move out of your comfort zone, to understand why you're drawn to particular types, to explore different partners to the ones you usually fall for, to date with healthy boundaries and to create a wonderful, fulfilling life for yourself so that you become someone people will be dying to date. 

This course builds on my first course, How to Fall in Love - Laying the Foundations, which explores the connection to self, self-esteem and confidence, fears and relationship patterns and letting go. 

If you haven't taken the Foundations course or been on one of my How to Fall in Love retreats, click on the button below to book a free discovery call to see if this dating course is suitable for you. You can also email me on to find out more about this course.

If you'd like to take the Laying the Foundations course first, click here to return to the main course menu. You can take a self-paced version or a group version of the Foundations course.


So what happens on the Date with Courage course? 

Over 12 weeks, I'll guide and support you to change your dating dynamic so that you can enjoy the process of dating and take positive steps towards finding a relationship that will be beyond your wildest dreams.

Throughout the course, I'll share insightful video content and practical exercises to help you to revive your dating journey and move you closer to a relationship that makes you happy and meets your needs.

You'll be part of a small group of up to 10 women, allowing for plenty of time and space for individual support on the group calls. 

The course includes: seven 75-minute group coaching calls, which I will host; insightful video tutorials to raise your self-awareness; deep-diving practical exercises to move you forwards on your journey to love; an accountability buddy system to support you throughout the course and beyond; and lifetime access both to the material and to my exclusive How to Fall in Love Collective Facebook group for alumni of my courses and retreats. The Collective is an invaluable space that will support you throughout the course and remain open to you after the course finishes, for as long as you would like to remain a member.

You also have the option of including a 1:1 breakthrough coaching call for an additional investment of £100. 

My next group course begins March, 29, 2021 and runs for 12 weeks. You'll receive access to the course content for as long as the course exists, so you can return to it whenever you need in the future.  

With only 10 spaces available, I recommend you secure your place quickly to ensure you are able to join us. Please email me at to ask about the course or simply sign up via the button at the bottom of the page.

Watch the video below for more information about the course and then click on the 'Free Preview' button at the top of the page or under the 'What You'll Learn' section below to watch more preview videos. 

Please note: you may hear or read references to a five-week course. I originally designed this course to be taken over five weeks. I have extended it to 12 weeks to include a preparation week, two weeks for each of the five steps and a consolidation week at the end, following feedback from previous course participants. This allows us plenty of time to grow together and to take positive steps towards dating and a healthy relationship with the support of a wonderful group of women.

Please email me with any questions. I'd be very happy to answer them:


This course is packed with practical tips & exercises

  • 2
    Cementing Your Foundations
    • Video: Welcome to Day One
    • How to Use This Course Player
    • Embracing Imperfection
    • Video: Your Healthy Foundations FREE PREVIEW
    • Video: Getting Ready to Date
    • Exercise: Your Self-Care Practices
    • Resource: Guided Meditation
    • Welcome to Day Two
    • Video: Set Your Intention
    • Exercise: Set Your Intention
    • Welcome to Day Three
    • Video: How Is Your Mindset?
    • Exercise: How Is Your Mindset?
    • Video: Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset
    • Reflection: Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset
    • Welcome to Day Four
    • Video: How to Stay Hopeful
    • Exercise: How to Stay Hopeful
    • Welcome to Day Five
    • Video: How Open Is Your Heart?
    • Exercise: How Open Is My Heart?
    • Coronavirus Caveat
    • Video: An Open-Hearted Challenge
    • Exercise: Tips on How to Connect & Flirt
  • 3
    Step One - Understand Your Trigger Points
    • Introducing the Five Steps
    • Step One - Understand Your Trigger Points FREE PREVIEW
    • Step One: Understand Your Trigger Points FREE PREVIEW
    • Video: What Is a Dating Trigger Point?
    • Exercise: Blowing Hot and Cold
    • Day Two: Video: Healthy Attraction Vs. Unhealthy Triggers
    • Video: My Trigger Points
    • Exercise: Your Trigger Points
    • Day Three: Video: What's Going On?
    • Video: Understanding the Mirror
    • Exercise: Understanding the Mirror
    • Day Four: Video: What's the Solution?
    • Video: Loving All of Yourself
    • Video: Self-Love Meditation
    • Continuing on This Self-Accepting Path
    • Welcome to Day Five
    • Video: Extending Empathy
    • Video: Healthy Self-Esteem
    • Getting Over Our Blocks
    • Welcome to Week Two of Step One
    • Video: We Can't Change Them
    • Exercise: We Can't Change Them
    • Video: Keep the Focus on You
    • Day Two: Video: Your Inner Saboteur
    • Video: Is it Fear or Is it Instinct?
    • Video: Fear Vs Instinct? Finding Your Answer
    • Exercise: Fear or Instinct? Finding Your Answer
    • Day Three: Video: Date When You're Well
    • Dating Is a Two-Way Street
    • Reading: Understanding the Push-Pull
    • Day Four: Video: Wrapping Up
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up
    • Rest and/or Review (Day Five)
  • 4
    Step Two - Throw Away the List
    • Video: Welcome To Step Two
    • Step Two - Throw Away the List FREE PREVIEW
    • Video: How We Heal FREE PREVIEW
    • Video: Do You Have a List?
    • Exercise: Your List
    • Welcome to Day Two
    • Video: My List and Type
    • Exercise: Are You Drawn to the Familiar?
    • Reading: Understanding the Push-Pull
    • Day Three: Video: Capacity for Intimacy
    • Exercise: Capacity for Intimacy
    • Reading: Instant Fireworks or the Slow Burn?
    • Day Four: Video: Is Your List Realistic?
    • Reflection: Is My List Realistic?
    • Video: Are You Seeking a Carbon Copy?
    • Day Five: Video: Values & Compatibility
    • Exercise: Values & Compatibility
    • Welcome to Week Two of Step Two
    • Video: Creating a Vision
    • Exercise - Creating a Vision
    • Video: What Really Matters?
    • Day Two: Video: Should I Settle?
    • Media Interview: Has Settling Got a Bad Rap?
    • Exercise: Your Red Lines
    • Day Three: Video: Feeling Over Thinking
    • Exercise: Feeling Vs. Thinking
    • Day Four: Video: Expanding the Dating Pool
    • Video: Your Challenge
    • Video: Looking for 'The One'?
    • Day Five: Video: Wrapping Up Step Two
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up Step Two
  • 5
    Step Three - Make Time for Love
    • Step Three - Make Time for Love FREE PREVIEW
    • Step Three - Make Time For Love FREE PREVIEW
    • Video: Welcome to Day One
    • Exercise: How Do You Spend Your Time?
    • Video: Track Your Time
    • Exercise: Track Your Time
    • Welcome to Day Two
    • Video: Do You Have a Choice?
    • Exercise: Do I Have a Choice?
    • Day Three: Video: What's Driving How You Spend Your Time?
    • Exercise: What Drives Me?
    • Day Four: Video: What Else Might You Be Avoiding?
    • Exercise: Am I Avoiding My Feelings?
    • Welcome to Day Five
    • Video: Design Your Life
    • Your Wheel of Life
    • Wheel of Life Template
    • Wheel of Life Template With Titles
    • Exercise: Filling In Your Wheel of Life
    • Example: My Wheel of Life
    • Sit with Your Wheel of Life
    • Welcome to Week Two of Step Three
    • Video: Improve Your Life
    • Exercise: Improve Your Life With Tiny Actions
    • Video: Improving Your Love Life
    • Checklist: How to Improve Your Love Life
    • Day Two: Video: Outwitting Your Saboteur
    • Video: Keeping the Promises You Make to Yourself
    • Exercise: Getting Support to Keep Your Promises
    • Day Three: Video: Plan Your Time
    • Exercise: Plan Your Time
    • Example Time Plan (Partially & Imperfectly Coloured In)
    • Why We Struggle With the Grown-Up Stuff
    • Day Four: Video: Imagine Your Future
    • Exercise: Imagine Your Future
    • Day Five: Video: Wrapping Up
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up Step Three
  • 6
    Step Four - Set Healthy & Loving Boundaries
    • Step Four - Set Healthy & Loving Boundaries FREE PREVIEW
    • Step Four - Set Healthy & Loving Boundaries FREE PREVIEW
    • Welcome to Day One
    • Video: What Do We Mean By Boundaries?
    • Video: Why We Need Boundaries
    • Video: Developing Boundaries
    • Exercise: My Experience of Boundaries
    • Welcome to Day Two
    • Video: Boundaries with Ourselves
    • Exercise: Boundaries with Ourselves
    • Day Three: Video: Engaging with Dating
    • Exercise: Engaging with dating
    • Day Four: Video: Setting Boundaries with Others
    • Exercise: Boundaries with Others
    • Day Five: Video: How to Set Boundaries
    • Checklist: How to Set Boundaries
    • Welcome to Week Two of Step Four
    • Video: Boundaries for Dating
    • Exercise: Boundaries Around Communication
    • Video: How to Communicate
    • Cheatsheet: How to Approach People
    • Day Two: Video: Where to Meet?
    • Exercise: Where to Meet
    • Video: Boundaries Around Booze
    • Exercise: My Boundaries Around Booze
    • Day Three: Video: Boundaries Around Sex
    • Exercise: My Physical Boundaries
    • Video: My Breakthrough Around Boundaries
    • Day Four: Video: How Much to Share
    • Exercise: How Much to Share
    • Video: Reining in Your Thoughts
    • Exercise: Boundaries Around Our Thoughts
    • Day Five: Video: Holding Your Boundaries
    • Exercise: Getting Support to Hold Your Boundaries
    • Video: Holding on to Yourself
    • Video: Wrapping up
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up Step Four
  • 7
    Step Five: Make Bold Choices
    • Step Five - Make Bold Choices FREE PREVIEW
    • Step Five - Make Bold Choices FREE PREVIEW
    • Welcome to Week Five
    • Bold Versus Safe Choices
    • Exercise: Bold Versus Safe Choices
    • Day Two: Video: Making Decisions
    • Exercise: Making Decisions
    • Day Three: Video: Soothing Ourselves
    • Exercise: Soothing Yourself
    • Video: In Whom Do You Trust?
    • Exercise: In Whom Do You Trust?
    • Day Four: Video: Feel the Fear
    • Exercise: Feel the Fear
    • Day Five: Video: You Are Dating Differently
    • Video: Choosing to Love Someone
    • Exercise: Choosing to Love Someone
    • Optional Content: Is Motherhood For Me?
    • Optional Video: Is Motherhood For Me?
    • Optional - Reflection: Is Motherhood For Me?
    • Welcome to Week Two of Step Five
    • Video: How Can I Be Sure?
    • Exercise: How Will I Know?
    • Day Two: Video: Your Authentic Life
    • Reflection: Am I Dating in the Right Pool?
    • Day Three: Creative Exercise: What You'll Need
    • Video: Getting Ready to Design Your Life
    • Video: Imagine Your Dream Life
    • Exercise: My Dream Life
    • Welcome to Day Four
    • Video: Make It Happen
    • Exercise: Make It Happen
    • Video: Committing to Yourself
    • Exercise: Committing to Myself
    • Day Five: Video: Why It Matters
    • Video: Take Baby Steps
    • Video: Wrapping Up Step Five
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up Step Five
  • 8
    Wrapping Up
    • Video: Wrapping Up This Course
    • Exercise: Wrapping Up This Course
    • Date With Courage, Clarity & Confidence Checklist
    • What Next?


"I feel like a different person"

"I feel like a different person and I'm not exaggerating"

Listen to Alice talking about her experience of taking both the Laying the Foundations and Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence courses

"I feel more confident and more hopeful"

Joss shares her experience of taking Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence with a small group of women

"It's helping to improve all my relationships and I feel happier"

Listen to Kate talking about her experience of taking How to Fall in Love - Laying the Foundations

"I dated with far greater awareness and I'm now in the early months of a new relationship"

Fiona took both the Laying the Foundations and Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence courses after attending my UK retreat. She says:

"I have worked with Katherine over the past year. I began by attending her wonderful retreat in Dorset and went on to take both her online courses and have some private coaching sessions. With some fear and trepidation, I began dating again in the summer but knowing that I had the support of Katherine and the course participants made a huge difference to me. They provided a safety net and wise counsel as I embarked on my new adventure. Through the ups and downs of online dating I was encouraged and supported to feel my feelings, explore my fear and begin to let go of unhelpful patterns that hadn’t worked for me in the past. 

The consequence was I dated with far greater awareness and am now in the early months of a new relationship. It was like running a race having had a coach show me how to run effectively, encouraging me to put in the training and with a bunch of people cheering me on from the side lines, picking me up when I tripped. It’s early days but I think I’ve made a healthier choice and I’m in a relationship with someone I’m not sure I would have considered previously. Along the way, using Katherine’s work and practices, I’ve heard and supported myself and whatever happens, I know I will always have that relationship with myself to fall back on."


  • How to nurture an optimistic, growth mindset in relation to love and dating, irrespective of your past, and maintain a sense of hope and enthusiasm throughout your dating journey.

  • Why you are attracted to certain people and put off by others and why you blow hot and cold in relationships - one minute you're in love, the next you're repulsed.

  • How to become attracted to different types of people and let go of your usual types so that you can date in a bigger pool and find a healthy partnership.

  • How to make time for love and prioritise dating and your romantic life, rather than focusing on work or other people's needs.

  • How to set healthy and loving boundaries for dating and keep to those boundaries, so that you can date with confidence and choose rather than wait to be chosen.

  • How to create an exciting vision for your life and make bold choices so that you can achieve your dreams and feel fulfilled at work, at home and in love.

  • How to maintain self-loving and resilience-building practices that will support you while dating and throughout your future relationship.


  • 7 x Group Coaching Calls

    You'll be invited to attend seven 75-minute group coaching calls with me and your fellow participants over the course of the 12 weeks. These calls provide a supportive, safe space for you to heal, grow and practise being authentic in relationships. Calls will be recorded and stored for a week, so you can watch them back if you're not able to attend. Please note the recordings are incredibly beneficial, even if you can't make the call live. Contact Katherine on for the call times for this course

  • Secret Facebook Community

    You'll be invited to join a secret Facebook group - The How to Fall in Love Collective - exclusively for course participants and alumni of my previous courses, retreats and relationship coaching programmes. You can support and encourage each other in this group, stay accountable to each other, share your progress and have your questions answered by me and others.

  • Buddy System

    You'll be invited to connect with another group participant so that you can support and encourage each other, and remain accountable to each other, throughout the course and potentially beyond.

  • Extra Live Videos

    As well as the insightful video tutorials and exercises that are part of the course curriculum, you'll have access to additional live videos by me in the Facebook group, which will motivate, encourage and support you on your journey

  • Small, Intimate Group

    Your course cohort is limited to 10 women, allowing you plenty of space to share and grow on the calls in an intimate, safe environment. Long-lasting friendships and ongoing supportive networks often form out of these groups.

  • Optional 1:1 Coaching Call

    You can upgrade your course participation to include a 1-hour individual coaching call with me via live video to brainstorm your issues and break through your blocks. The additional investment is £100.



Katherine's How to Fall in Love course is exceptional


"Katherine's How to Fall in Love course is exceptional. It helps you in so many ways, besides intimacy and falling in love. Katherine brings back hope into your life and gives you just the right balance of gentle encouragement, personal insight and expert coaching. What’s more you feel that Katherine genuinely cares. She’s thinking of you even during ‘out of office’ hours. With Katherine’s support, I found the courage to proactively approach and start a new relationship with a caring and loving man. My eyes were open to all the pitfalls of my past and I was dating with an awareness I had never had before."

I've eventually allowed myself to open up and trust myself and my new boyfriend


"Katherine taught us how to listen to ourselves, to do things that truly make us feel alive and to test out our discoveries. I've eventually allowed myself (and am still allowing myself) to open up and trust myself and my now boyfriend, who feels just right, although quite different from what I imagined. I'm now starting to imagine a future for myself with a truly amazing, fun and secure person, which I had never thought possible or experienced before. I would recommend Katherine's course, book and Facebook group as a place to join with others on a journey of discovery, connection and courage. It will soften, challenge and inspire you."

I was lost as to why I couldn't find love


"I was lost as to why I couldn’t find love. Katherine helped me to look at my relationship history from a very different perspective and to understand who I am and why I am how I am. Most importantly, she helped me to discover a pathway to get me to where I wish to be. I'll be eternally grateful that I took the plunge and trusted Katherine with my innermost thoughts and feelings"

Suddenly, love came naturally to me


"Katherine's coaching has been incredibly helpful and so worth the investment. With Katherine's guidance, I finally dared to fully embrace and love myself and to believe that I am worthy of being loved. Not long after that, I entered into a new relationship. Suddenly, love came naturally to me. Katherine continues to guide me, helping me to see that it is safe to be vulnerable and authentic in my relationship - that it is safe to be me"

One of the best investments in myself that I have ever made


"I chose to work with Katherine as my coach for a number of reasons - in particular the combination of her professional credibility and experience with her personal integrity and honesty. It's difficult to express how great a help and support she was to me during this challenging period. I think my coaching with Katherine is one of the best investments in myself that I have ever made and I highly recommend her services"

Katherine has helped me to see the blocks I've had to intimacy


"I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Katherine to help and guide you through the emotional rollercoaster of dating and relationships. Katherine has helped me to see the blocks I have had to intimacy and relationships and helped me to understand when it is my intuition or my fear that's telling me to run a mile. Katherine's approach is a delightful mix of wisdom, gentleness, honesty, authenticity and humour”

We've got to the bottom of stuff that I've never been able to understand before


"My experience of working with Katherine has been really profound. She is very very good at what she does. We've got to the bottom of stuff that I've never been able to understand before"

Katherine has been where I am so I trust her experience


“Katherine's course has helped me to stop letting my imagination run riot but instead to focus on the practical steps I can take to create the life I want. She has taught me so much. Because Katherine takes my welfare in the world of dating seriously, so do I. She is encouraging and understanding. She's been where I am so I trust her experience"

I'm in an entirely different place to a month ago


"I have found the course to be incredibly powerful in changing my mindset and attitude. I feel like I am in an entirely different place to where I was a month ago, mentally, emotionally and physically."

A really wonderful, positive experience


This course has been a really wonderful, positive experience. If I compare how I felt five weeks ago to how I feel now, I feel much calmer, much stronger and much less panicky. The best thing about this course is that it teaches you to be strong and resilient and to source your own happiness, so that you are ready to meet someone. I'm more aware of my attitudes and I feel more positive and confident about who I am and about what I want from somebody - and what I don't want from somebody"


Transformational Coach, Midlife Mentor, Author, Speaker

Katherine is an intuitive love, dating and relationships coach, a midlife mentor and the author of How to Fall in Love - A 10-Step Journey to the Heart.  

Drawing on her own experience of healing from dysfunctional relationship patterns and falling in love in her forties, Katherine helps women and men to transform their relationships with themselves, understand and change their dating patterns, create lives they love and find love.
Katherine coaches one-to-one and hosts courses, workshops and transformational retreats, in the UK and abroad. She also writes for the national media on love, dating, relationships and personal development, including a regular blog for Psychologies magazine.
Suzy Greaves, editor of Psychologies magazine, described Katherine's book as "a wonderful handbook on relationships, which requires you to be brave, dig deep and face your fears about falling in love."
Katherine is a former international and political correspondent for the global news agencies Reuters and Bloomberg. As well as a compassionate and intuitive coach, she is an excellent communicator and a skilled trainer.

Katherine married her partner, Bill, in June 2019. It was a happy day, as the photograph below shows.


  • When does the course start?

    The next Date with Courage, Clarity & Confidence course starts March 29, 2021. Please sign up via the button below or email me on to ask about the course. Alternatively book a free discovery call to discuss whether the course is for you.

  • What if I'm not on Facebook?

    If you're not on Facebook and don't want to join, you can still take the course. You'll receive all the course materials via the course platform and you can take part in the group calls and have your 1:1 call via live video.

  • When is my 1:1 coaching call?

    If you opt to include a 1:1 coaching call, you can arrange this at any point after week 6 of the course and up to 2 months after the end of the course. Calls can be scheduled Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 6:30 pm.

  • What if I can't make the group calls?

    Email Katherine on to confirm the call times for this group course. If you can't make the group calls, no problem. You'll be invited to submit questions, comments and challenges ahead of the call, which I'll answer on the call, and then you can watch the call on catch-up. You'll receive the video recording in your email inbox on the same day as the call. You will have one week to watch it before the recording is deleted.

  • How much time does the course take?

    The more time you put in, the more you will get out of the course, but I understand you have a busy life. Ideally, you'll be able to join the group coaching calls. You will also need 1 hour for your individual coaching call, should you choose that option. It would be great if you could set aside at least 20 minutes each day to reflect on the course materials and complete any exercises, or you can save your course materials for a free day and spend an hour or two on the course in a block.

  • What if I can't afford the course?

    I appreciate this course requires a financial commitment from you but I believe that this commitment will be game-changing. You'll be investing in your hopes, dreams and future happiness. You'll be taking your romantic life seriously and giving it the importance it deserves. And you'll be saving yourself time, energy, heartache and money by no longer wasting your time on disastrous dates or online dating sites that don't yield results. I'd like the course to be accessible to as many women as possible and I am able to offer flexible payment plans so if you need to pay in more than two installments, contact me at

  • Can I talk to Katherine before investing in the course?

    Of course! If you'd like to speak to me about the course before deciding whether to join, email and we'll set up a 30-minute discovery call. I'd be happy to answer your questions.


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