How to Fall in Love - A 6-Step Journey to the Heart

With Katherine Baldwin

Are you struggling to understand why you're single and why none of your relationships work out? 

Are you tired of making the same mistakes in your love life and getting the same results? 

Do you find yourself drawn to unavailable partners and to people who won't commit? 

Do you look on with bemusement as friends and relatives fall in love and partner up, wondering if you'll ever meet your match? 

If the answer is ‘Yes’, this course will help.

How to Fall in Love is a dating and relationships course with a difference. It's for people who are looking for something deeper than superficial advice and who are willing to explore the real reasons for their singleness and embrace change.

This course is based on the steps I took to fall in love in my forties and get engaged to a wonderful man, following many years of singleness, dating disasters and failed relationships with partners who were unavailable or scared of commitment. 

These steps also helped me to find the courage to follow my true path - to leave my job as a political journalist because it no longer fulfilled me; to move out of London to the seaside; and to become an author, a coach and a midlife mentor, doing work I'm passionate about and helping others to create lives and relationships that they truly love.

The course combines heartfelt personal experience, shared with authenticity and vulnerability, with practical tools from the fields of psychotherapy, coaching and addiction recovery. 

My approach to falling in love involves forming a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves first, as well as understanding the patterns that lead us into dysfunctional and often painful partnerships. This is the approach I share in my book, How to Fall in Love - A 10-Step Journey to the Heart (described by Psychologies magazine editor Suzy Walker as "a wonderful handbook on relationships") and that I share on my Dorset retreats.

The course involves 6 steps and is designed to be taken over 6 weeks, but you are welcome to take your time and go at your own pace. 

The steps are: 

1) Step Inside - How to feel your feelings and connect to yourself on a deep level

2) Building Self-Esteem - How to increase your self-confidence and strengthen your emotional core

3) Identifying Unhealthy Patterns - Where do our patterns come from? Awareness facilitates change

4) Changing Our Patterns - How to stop repeating the same mistakes

5) Letting Go - How to let go of people, things or core beliefs that are blocking our pathway to love and fulfillment

6) Setting Healthy Boundaries - How to set boundaries with ourselves and others so that we can relate to people from a place of healthy self-esteem 

With each step, you will receive an assignment for you to work through, a video in which I coach you through the step - sharing my journey with real vulnerability along with tools and tips to help you to grow in awareness and to change - and questions to record your progress and to keep you accountable as you move forwards.

My goal is to take you on a transformational journey and to help you to build the solid foundations required for a healthy, loving and long-lasting partnership. 

Are you ready? I'd love you to join me on this journey to wholeness.

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What's included?

8 Videos
7 Surveys
9 PDFs
Katherine Baldwin
Katherine Baldwin
Dating & Relationships Coach, Midlife Mentor, Author

About your instructor

Katherine is an intuitive love, dating and relationships coach, a midlife mentor, the author of How to Fall in Love - A 10-Step Journey to the Heart (Soul & Surf) and a Psychologies magazine Life Labs blogger. She helps women and men create healthy and loving relationships with themselves and with others and to create lives they truly love. She coaches one-to-one, runs workshops, courses and seaside retreats.

Katherine's approach is based on her own transformational journey. Over the past 15 years, she has recovered from self-harming behaviours including an eating disorder, binge drinking, over-working at a job she didn't enjoy and falling for unavailable men and partners who wouldn't commit. 

She has learned to love herself, take good care of herself and esteem herself. She has healed her inner wounds and changed her self-sabotaging relationship patterns. She continues to work on her herself and to grow and develop, every day.

After many years of singleness, dating disasters and dissatisfaction with work and life, Katherine is now engaged to be married, lives with her partner on the Dorset coast and works at something she truly loves - helping women and men to form healthy and loving relationships with themselves and others. 

She writes about life, love and relationships for the national media. Her work has been featured in Red magazine, Psychologies, the Huffington Post, and on Woman's Hour, and she frequently speaks to women's groups. Suzy Walker, editor of Psychologies magazine, described Katherine's book as "a wonderful handbook on relationships, which requires you to be brave, dig deep and face your fears about falling in love."

Katherine has a diploma in counselling and psychotherapy skills from the Westminster Pastoral Association in London and has been in recovery from addictive and compulsive behaviours as well as dysfunctional relationship patterns for 15 years. As well as a compassionate and intuitive coach, Katherine is an excellent communicator and a skilled trainer.

She is a former international and political correspondent for the global news agencies Reuters and Bloomberg. She worked for nine years as a foreign correspondent in Mexico and Brazil, before returning to London where she was based in the Houses of Parliament and travelled with the prime minister, until she burnt out, broke down and eventually broke free. Katherine speaks Spanish and Portuguese and can coach in both languages. 

For more on Katherine's work, go to:

You can read Katherine's blog: From Forty With Love. Or follow her on Twitter: @From40WithLove; on Instagram: @katherine.baldwin; follow her Facebook page: KatherineBaldwin; or join her free Facebook group: Being Real, Becoming Whole.

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