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It's January 2023 - an ideal time to clarify your heart's desires and to explore how to turn them into reality in a healthy, balanced way, without pain, pushing, stress or striving. 

This workshop will support you to take some time out at the start of the year, to connect with your intuition, to reflect on your intentions and to explore how to create the life, love and career you want in 2023. 

Along with the workshop, which was recorded live on Zoom on January 2nd in the company of emotionally intelligent women, you will receive a copy of a deep-dive workbook entitled 'Create Your 2023 Vision' to support you to do just that. 

Sound good? Read on for more details. Or if you're ready to invest in yourself, click the button below to get instant access to the workshop and workbook.

About the Workshop & Workbook

These resources will support you to:

  • Identify your true priorities for 2023 by tuning in to your heart and your intuition through guided meditation and reflective writing

  • Understand the obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your dreams

  • Identify the steps you can take to overcome these obstacles and challenges

  • Understand how to stop leaking energy, through people-pleasing, over-delivering or distractions, so that you can harness your precious resources for the important stuff

  • Identify the types of support you need in order to make your life, love and career dreams come true and commit to finding that support

  • Pinpoint 3 actions you can take in the next month to walk towards your 2023 dreams

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Workshop Recording: Fulfil Your 2023 Dreams
    • Watch the Workshop
    • Your Dreams Checklist
  • 3
    Workbook: Create Your 2023 Vision
    • Create Your 2023 Vision
    • Access Your 2023 Workbook Here
  • 4
    Stepping Towards Your Dreams
    • Make Your Dreams Happen
    • Transformational Coaching - My Approach

About Your Workshop Host

Katherine Baldwin

I am a transformational coach, motivational speaker, inspirational writer and author of 'How to Fall in Love - A 10-Step Journey to the Heart'. 

Importantly, I am the architect of my own transformational journey. 

In the past 10 years, I have transformed my career, moved from London to the Dorset coast, authored my first book, formed a healthy and loving relationship, married a wonderful man and built a coaching business that supports people in the UK and across the world to fulfil their heart's desires in life, love and work.

I have also healed from an eating disorder, overcome dysfunctional relationship patterns and recovered from burnout and breakdown during my first career as an international journalist for the news agency, Reuters. 

I coach 1:1 on Zoom and host in person and online workshops, courses and retreats.

You can find out more about me on my website:

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